Special Kids in Nottingham

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Aiming High for Disabled Children

........ is the Government’s Transformation Programme for disabled children and young people and is supported by major investment.  Nottinghamshire has been a ‘Short Breaks Pathfinder’ since April 2008 and has a target to achieve the ‘Full Service Offer’ by March 2010.

Short breaks provide opportunities for disabled children and young people to spend time away from their primary carers.  They provide an essential chance for carers to recharge their batteries and to allow disabled children and young people the experience of new relationships, environments and positive activities.  A short break may include day, evening, overnight or weekend activities and can take place at home, at an approved carer’s home or in a residential or community setting.


To ensure we are developing the right services, we have been engaging with disabled children, young people and their families by organising consultation events and fun days.  This has helped us to identify what services are already being provided and where the gaps are.  Parents are also involved in a range of working groups to ensure we continue to get their views.


Significant progress has been made in developing short break opportunities for disabled children, young people and their families including:


Our next steps include: 

 Further information about Aiming High, including Short Breaks ‘Full Service Offer’ can be found via the Every Disabled Child Matters website, www.edcm.org.uk


For copies of the reports on consultation with children, young people and their families, or further information regarding the Nottinghamshire Short Breaks Pathfinder, please contact us at ahdcpathfinder@nottscc.gov.uk


Glyn Connolly, Lead Officer Service Development
Sarah Wilcock, ProjectLeadNHSNottinghamshireCounty
Anne Lobley, Lead Officer Systems & Resources
Delona Sweeney, Project Administrator